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NHS Prescriptions

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NHS Prescription Service

DrugsDirect is an approved provider of NHS services and we can dispense your NHS prescriptions (UK only)

Private Prescriptions

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Private Prescription Service

Ordering private prescription medicines from us is as easy . Simply select your product, submit your order, post your original prescription in a free post envelope and receive your medication at your door.

PET Prescriptions

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PET Prescription Service

We welcome you to the PetsDrugsDirect Family with everything you and your pets need only a few clicks away. We deliver everything you need right to your doorstep, leaving you more time with your pet.


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Pharmacy Service is an online pharmacy licensed and regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council. Partnered with Lifeshield, bringing you more to your door with a wide range of lifestyle products.

About Us

Drugs Direct Global Ltd (DrugsDirect™) is a British owned internet pharmacy registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) (1103604) in the UK and with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) as an international distance selling pharmacy; introducing the first ‘trade-price’ online pharmacy in the world that can dispense both Private Prescriptions Internationally and National Health Service (NHS) prescriptions in the United Kingdom. The company is based in Bristol, England and trade internationally as by way of Wholesale Dealers Licence (WDL) enabling it to buy and sell medicines for human use as well as a Wholesale Dealers Authority (WDA) enabling it to buy and sell medicines for pets. The WDL & WDA licences permit DrugsDirect to trade with other pharmacies as well as Pharmaceutical wholesale dealers in the UK & EU.


How we Started

DrugsDirect was founded in 2015 by Dr Alona Courtney (Qualifications), a medical student at (university). The online business operates from a registered pharmacy premises (within a secure 2,000 sq. Ft pharmaceutical warehouse) which is licenced and regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) of Great Britain. DrugsDirect also holds two additional licenses from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The first is a Wholesale Dealers Licence (WDL) enabling it to buy and sell medicines for human use while the second is a Wholesale Dealers Authority (WDA) licence enabling it to buy and sell medicines for pets and animals. The WDL & WDA licences permit trade with other pharmacies as well as Pharmaceutical wholesale dealers in the UK & EU.
Dr Courtney’s vision and mission for DrugsDirect is to reduce the cost of healthcare by providing prescription medicines at trade price for people and below trade price for pets. This improves adherence to and compliance with prescribed medication and has resulted in the company becoming a leading speciality pharmacy which provides tailor-made services to both NHS (UK) and Private Patients (internationally).
Dr. Courtney discovered the need for this healthcare service when seeking treatment for an infection that required more than one prescription of an identical medication to resolve the health risk. Her first prescription was priced at 98pc and her second prescription, identical to the first, was priced at £9.99 at a different pharmacy. This led to the realisation that there was an irregularity in the mark-up and pricing of medication as the trade price for this medication was only 19pc. After research she realised the same trend in medicine for pets which resulted in the founding of the partner company PetsDirect.
The cost of medication can vary depending on where you shop and there are three main factors that determine the price of prescription drugs:
• The amount a pharmacist pays to the supplier to buy the drug which is known as the The Drug Ingredient Cost.
• Any additional amount a pharmacist may charge for a drug, above the original drug cost. The Pharmacy Mark-Up is applied to help pay for the costs of running the pharmacy.
• The professional fee a pharmacist charges to fill your prescription known as a Dispensing Fee.

There is no limit to what a pharmacy can charge for a medication. Pharmacists can charge any mark-up or dispensing fee that is considered standard for their store or company. (
Prescription drug prices are a significant barrier to correct medication use and even small increases in drug prices can dramatically affect medication adherence among the poorer communities. Ref: Steinman, Sands, and Covinsky 2001;Safran et al. 2005;Goldman, Joyce, and Zheng 2007) There are clear adverse health effects associated with decreased medication adherence, including poorer control of chronic diseases and higher rates of hospitalisation and emergency room visits. Ref: (Tamblyn et al. 2001;Heisler et al. 2004;Hsu et al. 2006).
Site: (
DrugsDirect help combat these issues by supplying medication at trade price with no VAT and dispense charges.
Ultimately, DrugsDirect resource medicines from the manufacturer and dispense and dispatch them directly to the patient (DTP) at ‘Trade- price – i.e. Zero (0%) mark-up.
In addition, is the only online pharmacy in the UK which publishes the trade-price of every licenced medication in the UK on its website. These prices are transparent and verifiable and are updated electronically every week by Chemist and+ Druggist –

Millions of people now routinely buy medicines and wellbeing products over the internet and seek health advice online; therefore, moving into the digital age with the launch of DrugsDirect was a logical move forward to deliver a standard service worldwide.

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Private Prescriptions

We provide both National & International shipping, so whether you are just down the road from us or in a remote part of Europe, we will strive to deliver your orders in the shortest possible time. We will supply a free post envelope for your next prescription with your order.

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NHS Prescriptions

This service is for anyone looking for a more convenient way to manage their prescriptions. DrugsDirect is an approved provider of NHS services and we can dispense your NHS prescriptions and repeat prescriptions in the (UK only). We will supply a free post envelope for your next prescription with your order.

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Pet Prescriptions

We welcome you to the Pets Direct Family where our mission is to build a lifelong relationship with you and your pets. This means that everything you and your pets need is only a few clicks away at trade prices. We deliver right to your doorstep, leaving you more time with your pet.


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“The website is really easy to use. I just have to click on anything I want, pay and I have the items the very next day. Drugs Direct have got such an efficient system. They remove all the hassle out of getting the essentials and I have so much more time to spend with my family now that I don’t have to rush around standing in lines. Thanks Drugs Direct!”

I’m always quite busy with work in the day and so it makes it quite difficult to get out to a pharmacy for the essentials I need. Drugs Direct makes it so much easier though. Anything I want is all on one website and its all just a couple of clicks away. I can get my pets medication and supplies as well as my prescriptions and lifestyle products.

“The best online services I have ever received. I have a dispensing card and I have saved over £3000 this year for my chronic prescriptions. I was hesitant at first about getting the dispensing card, but I am happy I have as my husband and are are saving more than 15 times the price of the card and we always receive excellent service and timely delivery. Thank you.”


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